Ishrat Khan was built between 1451 - 1469 years during the reign of the Timurids- Abu Said. Its name means " Ishrat Khan " - " House of entertainment " . This name was given because of the construction of a very rich architectural design and interior.

The building was erected by the wife of Sultan Abu Said- Habib Sultan bigim , in memory of their deceased daughter -Sultan Havendi Bica.

In 1940  archaeological autopsy was discovered up to 30 women's and children's burials.
Ishrat Khan was a complex of buildings. At the central place was a tomb that had been framed on the west side high portal . On the south side was located arch- domed gallery . It was an additional entrance to the tomb . From the north the mosque adjoined to the complex of buildings. In the corners of the building were vaulted rooms for people who have served in the mausoleum. Unfortunately, only ruins remained from the monument . In 1903, an earthquake collapsed the dome . In the 1940 the monument  was reconstructed.

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