Majestic mosque of Bibi-Khanum is located in the east of Registan.It was built in 1399 – 1404.
The building of this mosque is associated with the name of Temur’s senior wife -beauty Bibi Khanum , who initiated the construction of the building during the absence of Temur. The mosque was laid by Temur after his victorious campaign in India .

Bibi Khanum Mosque -  is the largest in Central Asia and one of the largest in the Muslim world. The rectangular area of the mosque had a length of 166 and a maximum width - 109 meters. Gothic cathedral in  Milan is almost equal to the plan of the Bibi Khanum mosque .

In its original form, the mosque was a gigantic structure , comprised of many buildings. It was surrounded by walls with four tall round minarets . All the buildings were combined into one composition with several rows of stone pillars.
On the eastern side of the vast rectangle courtyard is the main entrance portal. Its height is 33.15 meters. There was a mosque in front of it. It had vast turquoise dome, about 20 meters in diameter,and  one of the leaders of the XV century said: " ... the dome it would be the only , if the sky was not its repetition ." There are other domed buildings of small mosques on the northern and southern sides of it. The courtyard was paved with marble tiles and ceramic mosaics.  Inside the main building Ulugbek installed huge marble lectern , designed to Quran and rearrangedto the middle of the yard in 1875.  It is one of the UNESCO protected sites.

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