The construction of monuments in Registan Square began during the reign of Ulugbek . Ulugbek Madrasah was erected in the years 1417-1420 . His artistic conception and strength was wonderful . The architect of madrasah  is unknown . Originally  it had 50 rooms,where  more than one hundred students studied. A prominent Tajik poet Jami lived among them.

The building was a two-story with four large domes above the corner of audiences ,called Dars - Hona ( training room) and four minarets at the corners. In that madrasah Ulugbek taught himself .
During the civil wars in the 20 's of the XVIII century Ulugbek madrasah was damaged several times . The outer dome and the rooms on the second floor were destroyed.

Immediately after the establishment of Soviet power in Samarkand, was made the decision for salvation of the north- eastern minaret ( 33 meters high ), the top of which was dismissed from the vertical by 1.8 meters. Minaret temporarily strengthened in an inclined position . It took 14 years to  the project to establish the dome in an upright position, which was done brilliantly. The global restoration practice has not the same examples.

Madrasah was resumed in the 1950s . Courtyard facades, roof and exterior walls were restored. Carved majolica tiles and mosaic inserts in the portal of madrasah were also restored. The restoration work was intensively carried out for 13 years.

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