Samarkand is one of the oldest cities in the world . Its beautiful ancient architecture evokes admiration of everyone. Samarkand always attracted the views of the travelers, merchants and politicians. In the past, writers and poets are endowed Samarkand lush epithets such as "The city saved by Allah ," " Pearl of the eastern Islamic world ", " Face of the Earth ", " Shining point of the globe ", " Eden of the East" ...  Alexander the Great stayed in Samarkand during the Indian campaign.And he  said about it: " everything I 've heard about the beauty of Samarkand – everything is true, except that it is more beautiful than I could have imagined ." As the world-famous ancient civilization - Athens, Babylon and Rome , Samarkand has a rich ancient history . Here, in Samarkand people have high ancestors culture , which was developed in close cooperation with the cultures of Russia , India, China and other Eastern countries.

Samarkand has a favorable geographical position and has been an important crossroad on The Great Silk Road. Samarkand reached its heyday during the reign of Amir Temur , when the city became the capital of a mighty empire . Temur made a great contribution to the building of statehood , the flourishing of science , education and culture. He paid particular attention to monumental building . He brought the true masters of craft from his military campaigns . The beauty and grandeur of the buildings served as a symbol of the greatness of the empire. It is no coincidence inscription on the portal Ak-Saray palace in Shakhrisyabz,which says: "If you doubt our might , look at our buildings ." In addition to the palaces , mosques, madrassas and mausoleums there were gardens , charbag with fruit and decorative trees, flower gardens, irrigation systems and swimming pools. "There are so many orchards and vineyards that approaching the city , you see , a forest of tall trees, and in the middle of it - the city itself ," - said Spanish Ambassador Gonzalez de Clavijo about Samarkand in 1404.

The history of Samarkand is a part of world history. Cultural monuments of Samarkand are in line with the architectural masterpieces of ancient Greece , ancient Rome , Egypt, India and China, and have global significance . The ruins of the grand mosque of Bibi Khanum, Temurids mausoleum- Gur -Emir , topped with a tile huge blue dome , unique in the elegance and beauty –the ensemble Shah-i- Zinda , Ulugbek , Sher Dor and Tilla -Kari have global significance  . There are many folk tales and legends about these places .

The history of Samarkand is associated with such great scientists , writers and artists of the East, as  Abu Raykhon Biruni, Avicenna, Aini , al- Khwarizmi , Ahmad Donish , Babur , Jami Mukimi , Navoi, Omar Khayyam , Rudaki, Furqat , Hamza and many others . Products of Samarkand jewelers , as well as products made of silk and satin , Samarkand rag paper were known in all over the East. In Samarkand, were built grand sundial and a water pipe , as in Rome.
Today ,many tourists come to Samarkand to pay homage to the relics and shrines of the Islamic world. Here is the tomb of St. Kusama ibn Abbas , a visit to it was replaced the hajj to Mecca in Middle Ages.

Ancient Samarkand generously opens the heart to its guests by its unique historical and architectural munuments,beautiful arts and crafts, folk customs and holidays and the secrets of oriental cuisine.

Interesting places of Samarkand


    ❉ Afrasiab
    ❉ Registan
    ❉ Madrasah Sher-Dor
    ❉ Madrasah Tillya-Kari
    ❉ Madrasah of Ulugbek
    ❉ Ishrat-Khana
    ❉ Ulugbek Observatory
    ❉ Mosque of Bibi-Khanum
    ❉ Mausoleum Gur-Emir
    ❉ Shahi Zinda

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